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Principal Coordinates Analysis Options

Use this to select the output to be generated by a principal coordinates analysis and options used in the analysis.


Specifies which output should be displayed by a principal coordinates analysis.

Latent roots Latent roots (eigenvalues)
Scores Scores (fitted coordinates)
Residuals Residuals
Centroid distances Distances of the n points from the centroid of the configuration

Number of dimensions

Specifies how many latent roots and vectors are displayed (and saved); the residuals are formed from the remaining dimensions.


Specifies graphical display of the results from the analysis.

Scatter plot of matrix scores Draws a scatter plot matrix of the scores. The number of dimensions displayed in the plot will be equal to that specified above.
Display labels Specify a text containing labels for the individual points displayed in the plots. The text should be equal in length to the data variates.
Updated on April 25, 2019

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