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QTL Data Space

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The QTL data space provides a way of storing data structure names and associated information to be used within the QTL analysis menus.

  1. To display of all the data structures that are currently available within a QTL data space, from the menu select View | QTL Data View.

The QTL data space maintains a virtual mapping the relevant data structures within the Genstat server. Data structure names can be added to the data space when importing trait or map and marker data using the menus within the Stats | QTLs (Linkage/Association) | Data Import/Export menu bar items. The structures within the QTL data space can be viewed in a QTL data view by selecting the Stats | QTLs (Linkage/Association) | View QTL Data Space menu item. The QTL data view includes toolbar buttons for adding data structures, importing or exporting data and menu bar shortcuts.

If data structure names have been stored in the QTL data space then when the QTL menus are opened the data structure names will automatically be entered into the relevant fields. Also only the data structures present within that data space will be displayed in the available data, otherwise all the current data within Genstat will be displayed. When data are present within the QTL data space you can right-click on the Available data list to open a shortcut menu where you can change between displaying data only within the data space and all data within Genstat.

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Updated on April 18, 2019

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