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RBDISPLAY directive

Displays output from a radial basis function model fitted by RBFIT.


PRINT = strings Controls fitted output (description, estimates, fittedvalues, summary); default desc, esti, summ


pointers Save structure with details of the fitted model


RBDISPLAY displays results from the fit of a radial basis function model by RBFIT. Details of the fitted model can be supplied using the parameter of RBDISPLAY. This must have been saved using the SAVE parameter of RBFIT. If this is not set, the output is from the most recent model fitted by RBFIT.

Printed output is controlled by the PRINT option, with settings:

    description a description of the model,
    estimates estimates of the parameters,
    fittedvalues fitted values, and
    summary summary (lack of fit etc.).

Option: PRINT.

Parameter: unnamed.

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Commands for: Data mining.

Updated on March 6, 2019

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