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Read QTL Phenotypic Plot Data

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Use this to select phenotypic plot data structures from a file to import for QTL analysis. This dialog opens when you select Plot or unit data and click Open from the Open Phenotypic Data files dialog. When data are imported they are added to the QTL data space for use within the QTL menus.

Select sheet name

If data are opened from a Genstat spreadsheet (.gsh or .gwb) file the sheets within the file will be listed. When a sheet name is selected the columns within that sheet will be displayed within the Columns in file option.

Columns in file

This lists data structures in the currently selected sheet for a Genstat spreadsheet file or the data structures within a file for comma delimited text files. Double-click a name or make a selection and click the button to copy it to the current input field.


This specifies variates or factors that are to be imported. Data structure names can be removed from the Data list by making a selection and clicking the button.

Environment factor

For a multi-environment trial you can specify a factor to identify the different environments.

Action Icons

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Updated on April 23, 2019

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