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Numerical Sequence for Recode

Use this to automatically generate a pattern or sequence of numbers to fill a column within the Recode Column dialog. A sequence of numbers can be generated by providing a starting and ending value along with an incremental value. Numbers can also be repeated within the sequence using a pre-multiplier.

Starting value

Specifies the first value to be used in the sequence.

Ending value

Specifies the last value to use in the sequence. If the ending value is not in the progression of numbers specified by the Starting value and increment then the pattern will terminate at the largest incremental value less than the ending value. For a sequence of decreasing numbers the pattern will terminate at the smallest incremental value greater than the ending value.


Specifies the increment to be used to form the intermediate values in the sequence. If the Starting value is greater than the Ending value then a negative increment must be specified.

Number of repeats

Allows a pre-multiplier to be applied to the sequence, so that each element is repeated the specified number of times.


Provides an illustration of the sequence of numbers that will be inserted within the column. Note that for very long sequences only the first 20 and last 20 items are displayed, separated by the string ‘…’.

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Updated on March 15, 2019

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