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Save Regression Results in a Spreadsheet File

Use this to save results from a linear regression or generalized linear regression analysis into a Genstat workbook or Excel file. This dialog is opened using the Export to file button on the Save Options dialog.


After selecting the appropriate boxes, a multi-paged spreadsheet will be created containing the items selected.

Summary Summary analysis of variance (or deviance for a generalized linear model) of the fitted model
Accumulated analysis of variance (or deviance) Analysis of variance (or deviance for a generalized linear model) table containing a line for each change in the fitted model
Estimates, s.e. estimates, t-values and t-probabilities estimated model terms, their standard errors, t-values when compared with zero and the probabilities of the t-values under the null hypothesis that they are zero
Fitted values, residuals and leverages fitted values, residuals and leverages for all units in the analysis

Save in file

Specifies the name of a file to save the regression results. The file name must be supplied using either the extension .GWB to save within a Genstat workbook, .XLS to save within an Excel 97-2003 file or .XLSX to save within an Excel 2007-2013 file. The name of the file can be entered within the input field or the Browse button can be used to select a folder and file to save the data. If no file name is supplied the results will be displayed within a Genstat spreadsheet. If no folder is specified within the filename then the file will be saved within the current working directory.

Action buttons

Save Save the results to a spreadsheet file and close the dialog.
Cancel Close the dialog without further changes.
Defaults Set the selected items to save and filename to their default settings.

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Updated on March 27, 2019

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