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Reorder Columns

Select menu: Spread | Column | Reorder

This dialog lets you change the order that columns are displayed within a spreadsheet. You can move individual columns by clicking on the column title and dragging this to a new position. This dialog lets you shift multiple columns, and reorder the whole spreadsheet at once. The columns will be displayed in the order you see in the Column order list.

  1. From the menu select Spread | Column | Reorder.

Column order

List of column names, initially showing present column order. Moving items up and down in this list will reorder the columns across the page.

OK Change the column order and close the dialog.
Apply Change the column order and leave the dialog open to select another factor to change.
Cancel Close dialog without making any changes.
Help Opens the Help for this dialog.
Top Move the selected item to the top of the list.
Up Move the selected item up one place in the list.
Down Move the selected item down one place in the list.
Bottom Move the selected item to the bottom of the list.
Sort Open the Sort Column Order within a Spreadsheet dialog to reorder the columns with a sort operation.

Active keys

The keyboard up and down arrows, Page Up/Down, and Home/End keys will move the selection in the list in the usual manner. When the Ctrl or Shift keys are pressed with the above cursor keys, the Ctrl+F4 keys will cancel, and Enter will activate the OK button. The buttons may also be activated by using Alt+underlined letter.

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Updated on March 15, 2019

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