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ANOVA – Residual Plots

  1. To generate residual plots following an analysis of variance, click Further Output then click Residual Plots.

Available data

This lists variates that can be used for the added variable or coordinates for locations. Double-click a variate name to copy it to the Variable field or type the name.

Type of plot

Fitted values Residuals versus fitted values
Normal Normal plot
Added variable Added variable plot
Half Normal Half Normal plot
Histogram Histogram of residuals

A maximum of four plots can be produced at one go.


Specifies the variate or factor that is to provide x-values for the added variable plot. This could, for example, be residuals from an analysis of variance of a possible covariate.

Type of residual

Controls the type of residuals that are used in the plots. You can choose either Simple or Standardized residuals.

Residuals in field layout

In a field experiment it can be useful to study the spatial pattern of the residuals, for example to see if there are any systematic trends in fertility. These options let you plot the residuals in field layout.

Contour plot

Select this to draw a contour plot of the residuals if the plots are on a regular grid.

Shade plot

Select this to draw a shade plot of the residuals if the plots are on a regular grid.

Display table

Displays the residuals in a table whose structure corresponds to the field layout.


A variate specifying the X-coordinates for the locations of the plots.


A variate specifying the Y-coordinates for the locations of the plots.


This lists the different type of residuals that can be used. Select Combine all strata to combine the residuals from all the strata (or error terms) in the analysis, or Final stratum only to use the residuals only from the final stratum.

Updated on May 3, 2019

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