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Restriction History

This dialog is opened by clicking the history button  in the Restrict using Expression dialog. It allows you to reuse previous logical expressions. The number of expressions that are remembered are controlled on the Tools | Options menu, Menus tab.

Expression list

Lists previous calculation expressions that have been used. Double-click an expression to copy it into an expression field and close the dialog.


This replaces the expression field which last had focus with the currently selected expression and closes the dialog.


This inserts the currently selected expression into the expression field which last had focus and closes the dialog. If there is a selection active in the expression field, this is replaced by the selected expression, otherwise it is inserted at the current cursor location.


Closes the dialog without making any changes to the expression field.


Removes the selected expression in restriction history list and closes the dialog if it was the last expression in the list.


Clears the calculation history list and closes the dialog.

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Updated on September 11, 2019

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