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Select menu: Run | Submit File

This menu launches a batch run of Genstat, taking input from a Genstat program contained within an input file, and sending output to the requested output file. Additional input and output files can be specified, in order to build a DOS style command line. The command is executed using the GenBatch program.

  1. From the menu select Run | Submit File.

You can set Additional options before clicking Run.

Batch directory

Sets the working directory for the batch run. Files located in this directory can be specified using just their names; files in other directories need to be specified using their full pathname. A dropdown list contains the previous working directories.

Input file

Specifies the name of the input file. You can append /n to the input filename to specify the file width, for example PROG.GEN/120. The default line width is 200 characters. Any characters beyond the specified limit will be discarded. The dropdown list contains the previous 20 input files that have been submitted.

If Submit File is opened from a text file window, the name of that file will be used to set the current input file to be submitted and the batch directory.


Specifies the name of the output file. If Save to file is not selected, a temporary output file for the batch run of Genstat will be created in the %TMP% directory. The initial output file name will be created from the input file name with the extension replaced by an appropriate extension (.out, .rtf, .htm, .tex – depending on the output File format setting).

By default, the output file is created with a maximum line length of 80 characters. You can append /n to the output filename if you want the file to have a different line length, for example PROG.OUT/120.

File format

The output files can be written to different formats including plain text, rich text format (RTF), HTML and LaTeX. By default, the output is written in plain text. However, you can specify another output file format by selecting the format from the list. Note that only output files saved in plain text can be viewed within Genstat on completion of the analysis. RTF and HTML output files will be opened in external viewers.

Open output file on completion

When selected, output will be displayed when the batch job terminates. If the file format is plain text, it will be opened in a new text window in Genstat, if in HTML format, it will appear in a browser window, and if in rich text format, it will be opened by the default RTF editor (Word if Microsoft Office is installed). This is disabled if the output file is created in LaTeX format; no default viewer is available for LaTeX, as the file must be processed by a TeX program first.


Specifies the priority of GenBatch process. The priority can be set from very low to very high. Note that if this is set to very high, this may interfere with other operations on the PC. Therefore, the higher settings should be used with caution. The default is set to low.

Additional options

Opens a menu enabling you to specify files to attach to auxiliary input, output, backing-store and unformatted channels.

View command line

Displays the current command line built up from the specified filenames.

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Updated on March 11, 2019

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