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Save Test Line Means

Use this to save results associated with the test line genotypes from a Preliminary single environment analyses. The data saved using this dialog can be used for genotype by environment and QTL analysis. For a multi-environment analysis use this to stack the results from each individual trial analysis where each set of results is identified by the environment label.

Environment label

Specifies a label that can be used to identify the results from an analysis for a particular environment. The label is used when creating or appending a new level to the Environment factor. Note that this label is required even if the analysis is for a single environment trial.


Specifies the different data structures that can be saved after each analysis.

Environment factor Factor Creates a factor where each level represents the results from a different environment. The factor is created using the label supplied in the Environment label field.
Means Variate Saves the predicted means for the test lines.
Standard errors Variate Saves the standard errors of the predicted genotype means.
Unit error Variate Saves the unit error to represent uncertainty on trait means (derived from individual unit or plot error) to be included in a QTL analysis.
Genotypes Factor Saves the test line genotypes.

Save to QTL data space

When the results are saved the data structure names will be added to the QTL data space so that the names of the structures will be present in the QTL menus.

Combine with existing

This can be used to stack results from different analysis together. When results from trials are stacked together the environment factor identifies the results from each trial. The data are stacked and expanded to include a full set of results based on the genotypes that are present in the stacked environments. To stack results the names used to save the data must be the same for each analysis whose results are to be combined.

Create new

This will create a new set of results overwriting any existing data structures.

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Updated on April 18, 2019

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