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Screening Tests – Linear Models Options

Use this to select different options to be used in Screening tests for linear models.


Specifies which items of output are to be displayed in the Output window.

Model Description of the model
Tests Marginal and conditional test statistics
Pooled Accumulated analysis of variance or deviance in which terms with the same number of identifiers, e.g. main effects or two-factor interactions, are pooled
P-value (approximate) P-values from F-tests
Star scheme Significance of P-values by a conventional star notation

Estimate constant term

Specifies whether to include a constant in the model.

Exclude higher order interaction terms

Controls whether to exclude higher-order interactions in the conditional regression model for each tested term.

Warning messages

Controls which warning messages to suppress when fitting the complete model. You can suppress those for aliasing or marginality. Note: warning messages are always suppressed when fitting models for individual tests.


A variate of weights can be supplied to give varying influence of each unit on the fit of the model.

Updated on March 27, 2019

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