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Select Columns to be Factors

Note: In a spreadsheet, the type markers ! for a factor can be added to a column name or as cell comment on the column name to save having to specifying that the column is to be read as a factor. See Column Types for more information.

When reading in data from a foreign spreadsheet source (Excel/Quattro/Lotus) or from the clipboard, having the option Suggest converting columns with less than N unique items set will bring up this dialog, if any of the columns have this requirement, along with the extra requirement that some of the unique items are repeated.

Convert to factor

The columns initially are prefixed with a T or a V to indicate whether the data is text or numerical respectively. To specify which columns are to converted into factors, double click the column names, and F is placed at the start of the column’s name.

OK Make the changes to the columns selected for conversion.
Cancel Do not convert any of the columns.
Help Open the Help for this dialog.
Factor/Leave Alternatively, columns can be selected for conversion to a factor by clicking on them, and then clicking Factor. They can be deselected by clicking Leave.
Convert all Select all the columns to be converted to factors.
Leave all Select all the columns to be left in their initial state, i.e. don’t convert any columns to factors.

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Updated on March 14, 2019

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