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Spreadsheet Sheet Menu

These menus access properties or events associated with a whole spreadsheet.


Edit and run a stored set of analysis directives on variate columns within a spreadsheet.


A summary of the global spreadsheet properties. Some of these can be edited. Also gives a summary of the columns in the spreadsheet and their properties (nobs, min/mean/max, number of levels for a factor).


This menu opens the Convert Sheet dialog which allows the type of spreadsheet to be changed.


Specify a multi-line title for a spreadsheet. This can optionally be printed in the output when sending a spreadsheet to a server.


Create pointers to columns in the spreadsheet which are saved with the spreadsheet.


Increase or decrease the number of columns or rows in the spreadsheet.


Compare a spreadsheet with data from another spreadsheet or data source.


Verify the data in the spreadsheet through double entry of the data. This menu item is ticked if data verification is in process. Selecting the menu while verification is in progress will allow the verification to be stopped or re-started.

Verify Off

Stop the data verification in progress.

Display Column Summary

Displays a summary within the Output window for each of the columns within the spreadsheet.

Change the properties of a currently active DDE link to the spreadsheet.

Add to Excel file

Save the spreadsheet as a new page in a currently existing Excel specified via the File | Open dialog.

Add to Book (GWB) file

Save the spreadsheet as a new page in a currently existing Genstat workbook (.gwb file) specified via the File | Open dialog.

Set up GIS Columns

To save a spreadsheet to an ArcGIS file the special columns associated with spatial information must be declared. The ArcGIS Shape File Columns dialog allows the object type (Point, line, polygon etc.) to be specified and the spatial columns (X,Y etc.) to be specified.

Freeze Columns

This toggles the frozen column attribute of the spreadsheet. When a spreadsheet is set to have frozen columns, the columns to the left of the current column will not scroll off the screen, but will always remain visible on the left of the spreadsheet. Columns can only be frozen if all the columns to the left of the current column fit within the width of the current window. Each frozen column will have its column name displayed using the active colour (default blue), and the scroll bar will just be displayed underneath. The status bar displays <CF> at the bottom right when the spreadsheet has frozen columns. If a units column is defined or removed this attribute will be automatically disabled.


Opens a dialog that can be used to select a book to move the current sheet into.

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Updated on April 25, 2019

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