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Spreadsheet Options

Select menu: Tools | Spreadsheet Options

You can select the Tools | Spreadsheet Options to set options controlling various spreadsheet functions. To save changes to spreadsheet options you should ensure that Save menu settings option is enabled on the Tools | Options | Save tab.

The spreadsheet options are displayed on seven tabbed pages as follows:

General Contains general spreadsheet options.
Books Contains spreadsheet options for multi-paged books.
Sheets This contains general options affecting the whole spreadsheet.
Columns Controls settings for columns within a spreadsheet.
Conversions Controls and settings for the conversion of columns between types (Variate, Factor, Text) and the adding of data to columns.
Save This contains options affecting saving a spreadsheet.
Appearance Options and settings affecting the appearance of the spreadsheet.

Options that affect the spreadsheet are also found within the Tools | Options menu. In particular, date formats within a spreadsheet are set using the Date Format tab, and fonts and colours are set with the Fonts and Colours tab.

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Updated on April 25, 2019

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