Spreadsheet Toolbar

The spreadsheet toolbar displays a number of buttons that provide shortcuts to spreadsheet menu items and actions. Some of the buttons provide direct access to particular operations, removing the need to work through a menu. If the action is column specific, the current column (i.e. the column containing the focus cell with the blue highlighting) will be used.

You can customize the buttons that appear on the spreadsheet toolbar using the Tools | Customize Toolbar menu. You can toggle whether to display the spreadsheet toolbar by right clicking on the background of any current toolbar and selecting the Spreadsheet item on the shortcut menu.

If the spreadsheet toolbar is set to be floating, then the toolbar will only appear in a pop-up window, when a spreadsheet window has the current focus.

An active spreadsheet toolbar is available for displaying the active sheet. The active sheet can be changed by selecting a new spreadsheet from the dropdown list of currently open spreadsheets.

Create/Load spreadsheet commands

Create a new spreadsheet
Load data from Genstat into a spreadsheet
Import Data from Excel file using Excel Import Wizard
Create a new spreadsheet from the Clipboard
Append Excel data files
Append data files
Merge data files
Create tabbed-table

Add to spreadsheet commands

Add data from Genstat into a spreadsheet

Insert/Delete commands

Insert a row at the current cursor position
Insert a column at the current cursor position
Delete the current row
Delete the current column
Insert columns from Clipboard
Insert rows from Clipboard
Delete the selected rows
Delete pointer in spreadsheet
Delete restricted rows
Delete table margins

Column commands

Protect the current column (i.e. read only)
Duplicate the current column
Convert the current column to a factor
Convert the current column to a text
Convert the current column to a variate
Toggle current cell with temporarily missing attribute
Copy column names to the Clipboard
Paste column names from the Clipboard
Set default column width so all text is displayed
Left justify text in a column
Centre justify text in a column
Right justify text in a column
Specify a date format for a column
Decrease decimal places in a column
Increase decimal places in a column
Split a text column into new columns
Combine text columns into a new column
Move/Copy columns between spreadsheets
Reorder columns
Promote first row of spreadsheet to be the column names
Compare columns
Display column summary in output
Colour selected cells.
Hide current column or selected columns.
Hide or show columns.
Select columns

Edit commands

Copy spreadsheet as tabbed text to the Clipboard
Copy spreadsheet in RTF format to the Clipboard
Paste text to spreadsheet using the paste special options
Bookmark cells by value
Copy column descriptions to clipboard

Factor commands

Column attributes/format
Edit factor levels and labels
Reorder factor levels
Create a new factor as a product of other factors
Change factor display
Copy factor levels to Clipboard
Paste factor levels from Clipboard
Set factor reference level
Remove unused factor levels from columns
Factor divide
Standardize factors
Clear factor colours
Change labels to levels
Change levels to labels

Sheet commands

Display spreadsheet properties
Edit spreadsheet title
Analyse spreadsheet using commands
Compare two spreadsheets
Duplicate spreadsheet
Resize a spreadsheet
Copy filename to Clipboard
Freeze/Unfreeze columns

Calculation commands

Fill a column with a numerical sequence
Fill groups with a numerical sequence
Use Date/Time sequence to fill a column
Calculate a summary for a spreadsheet
Recode a column’s values
Recalculate columns
Code column to groups
Generate a random subset of rows
Change a column’s date base date (16001900)
Calculate row summaries
Display cell selection statistics
Calculate margins for a table spreadsheet

Filter/Restrict commands

Filter/Restrict spreadsheet using an expression
Filter/Restrict spreadsheet using factor levels
Filter/Restrict spreadsheet using units by value
Filter/Restrict spreadsheet to only include rows in which the current columns values match the current cell’s value
Filter/Restrict spreadsheet to exclude rows in which the current columns values match the current cell’s value
Remove filter on spreadsheet rows
Reverse current restriction/filter
Subset restriction/filter to server
Exclude selected rows from filter
Save restriction or apply saved restriction
Include only selected rows in filter
Filter/Restrict to duplicated rows
Filter/Restrict to random subset of rows

Manipulation commands

Append data to the spreadsheet
Merge data into the spreadsheet
Stack columns in a spreadsheet
Unstack columns in a spreadsheet
Creates a new transposed spreadsheet
Split/Subset spreadsheet
Expand a spreadsheet
Reorder table spreadsheet

Book commands

Rename sheet tab in book
Move sheet to new book
Delete sheet from book
Copy/Move sheets to book
Reorder sheets in book
Split sheets from book
Save book (all sheets) to Excel file
Add a blank sheet to the current book
Tabbed-table properties

Update commands

Update spreadsheet data to the server
Fast update of spreadsheet data to the server and close
Subset filter to server
Update changed data in a book to the Genstat Server
Update all sheets of a book to the Genstat Server

Right-click menu commands

Run analysis using data from spreadsheet
Create a graph using data from spreadsheet

Other commands

Sort the rows in a spreadsheet
Duplicate the current row
Set/Clear active sheet
Add spreadsheet as a new worksheet in an Excel file
Create a pointer in a spreadsheet
Add bookmark note/comment to current cell
Set selected range
Highlight cells from graph
Restrict to rows from graph
Goto next selected cell
Goto next coloured cell
Toggle cell selection
Swap cells in a selection

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Updated on August 30, 2019

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