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Text Separator Options

This dialog lets you specify the separator characters for splitting text into separate cells when creating a spreadsheet from either the Clipboard or a text file, or pasting the Clipboard to an existing spreadsheet. This menu will be displayed if the text is not tab delimited.

You can specify the characters to be used as separators by selecting one or more of the following options.

Space Use a space ‘ ‘ as a separator.
Comma Use a comma ‘,’ as a separator.
Semicolon Use a semicolon ‘;’ as a separator.
Other Specify the characters to be used as separators in the box provided.

Don’t show this menu again this session

Controls whether this menu is displayed each time you paste data that is not tab delimited or create a spreadsheet from a text file which does not have tab delimited text. When selected, clicking Yes will ensure that the chosen separators are used to split text until you start a new session. If you click No, then the text will not be split in any further operations until you start a new session.

Action buttons

Yes Use the specified characters as separators for the data on the Clipboard.
No Do not split the text. All the characters on a line will be placed in one cell.
Cancel Close the dialog without pasting to the spreadsheet or creating a new spreadsheet from the text.

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Updated on March 13, 2019

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