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You can select the Tools | Options menu to set options controlling various spreadsheet functions. The options are displayed on different tabbed pages as follows:

General This contains general options affecting the display and startup.
Text Editor Controls different aspects of the Genstat text editor.
Audit Trail Controls different aspects of the details stored in the Input log.
Save This contains options for the saving of files, backup copies, and data.
Data Space Specifies the initial amounts of memory allocated to the Genstat server for storing data of various types.
Graphics This contains options controlling aspects of the Graphics Viewer.
Fonts and Colours Lets you customize the fonts and colours for different interface components.
Date Format Lets you customize the display of date formats.
Menus This contains options for storing and displaying different menu options.
CAST Contains options for linking Genstat to the CAST ebooks.

Options that effect the spreadsheet can be found within the Tools | Spreadsheet Options menu.

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Updated on April 26, 2019

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