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Using the Genstat Command Language

Genstat programs can be typed into any text window and then executed using the Run menu to submit the whole window or just part of it. The output generated by a program will appear in the Output window. To include the Genstat commands in the output, select Tools | Options then click the Audit Trail tab and select Echo commands.

Existing Genstat programs can be loaded into a new text window by selecting File | Open. New windows can be opened for use as scratchpads. You can use the standard Windows editing functions to cut and paste text between different windows, enabling you to use a scratchpad to try out a command before copying it into a program, or extract commands from old Genstat programs.

You can save the contents of a text window by selecting File | Save or Save As. The File menu always operates on the currently active window, indicated by a highlighted title bar, so ensure that the desired window is active by clicking on the title bar before using the File menu. Having run a program you can save the contents of the Output window in the same way.

If you use the menus to perform part of your analysis you will find that the generated commands will be echoed to the Input Log. These can be saved on their own or copied to another text window in which you are constructing a Genstat program.

There is full on-line help for the Genstat language, including full details of procedures in the current Procedure Library.

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Updated on May 20, 2019

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