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What’s new in Genstat for Windows 19th Edition

For video overviews of some of the new features, click the link below.

   New Features in Genstat 19th Edition

The Genstat Server has been upgraded to Release 19.1

  • Release 19.1 includes 1 new directive and 20 new procedures.
  • Ability to use any installed font and to specify line styles by name in PEN statements.
  • Empirical-distribution-function goodness-of-fit tests (EDFTEST)
  • Power calculations, sample-size estimation and identification of outliers in REML analyses
  • Exploration of canonical relationships between terms in experimental designs
  • Orthogonal partial least squares regression (OPLS)
  • Matern models in Kriging
  • Ability to write multi-paged PDF files using OPEN and DEVICE statements.
  • Increased speed of plotting multi-plot graphs like trellis plots and scatter plot matrices

New Statistics menus

General enhancements

  • New Select theme and Save theme menus for setting and saving themes.
    Themes are groups of settings that control the Genstat client look and feel.
  • Updated Start Page with working directories and extra help links.
  • Full control of menu and text edit window positioning.
  • Saving bookmarks in text files between sessions.
  • Edit | Go back menu item now defined for text edit windows to return to the location of previous edits.
  • Updates to the Submit File menu to make specifying a batch job simpler.
  • New Restore image button defined for Custom dialogs.

Spreadsheet enhancements

Graphics enhancements

  • New Key tab for defining keys,
    including multi-column keys using the new DKEY procedure.
  • New Lines and Symbols spreadsheet dialog to make setting symbols for multiple plots easier.
  • New Label Size and Position Options dialog to give full control of the positioning for point labels.
  • Updates to the Lines and Symbols tab to make setting common attributes over multiple plots easier.
  • Ability to set default graphics font and quality in the client.
  • Full control over the fonts used for all graphics text using the Edit All Fonts as a List
    and Edit Font dialogs.
  • Updates to the Graphics Viewer and Client menus to provide consistent options and settings.
  • More control over the window colours in the Frame tab.
  • The ability to set the number format for axes labels using the Format Label Options dialog.
  • Added control over symbols, axes and frames for a number of graph types (e.g. histograms, bar charts and surface plots).

Statistics enhancements


  • New Graphics Guide on creating graphs through menus and code under Help | Genstat Guides.
  • All documentation edited with added images of menus and dialogs.
Updated on December 1, 2020

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