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BUGS Setup

This dialog is used to specify the location of the BUGS executable that is to be used for submitting a script to either WinBUGS or OpenBUGS.

  1. From the menu select Run | Submit BUGS Script. then click the BUGS setup button.

Location of BUGS Executable

The directory specifying the location of the BUGS executable. For example, the default directory for the executables for WinBUGS version 1.4 would be C:Program FilesWinBUGS14.

Name of BUGS Executable

Specifies the executable that is to be used for running BUGS scripts. This will be WinBUGS14.exe for WinBUGS version 1.4 and winbugs.exe for OpenBUGS version 2.2.


Specifies whether the scripts are to be submitted to WinBUGS or OpenBUGS.

Action buttons

OK Saves the changes and closes the dialog.
Cancel Close the dialog without further changes.

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Updated on March 22, 2019

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